As from 1 of April, 151 State agencies should use a simplified form 100% mail and Advanced digital signature for its tenders in the public market.

Undersecretary of Finance, Francisco Moreno said: "This initiative is a milestone in the modernization of the state that will allow a reduction of bureaucracy in the public sector, significant savings in administrative processes of a 29% and paper: the state will stop using a 13 million sheets of paper a year equivalent 61 tons, "said Undersecretary of Finance, Francisco Moreno.

This modernization will benefit the state more than 120.000 SMEs doing business through this platform, and they met with easier and understandable electronic system in the public market. Allowing shorten time, several week to two days making administration more efficient and reduce state bureaucracy.

In this first stage, He started this 1 of April, It is mandatory for agencies, which mostly, central government they transacted in For him 1 October 2018 other agencies will join, as the health sector and municipalities.

This change requires public institutions to redesign their internal processes, such as the delegation of powers, the approval process and signing of the resolution or decree, as appropriate. For this last point will need the advanced electronic signature, so that institutions are acquiring such technology, which it is founded on the application of Law No. 19.799, through the institutions that provided as the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency or private companies.

This initiative is part of the modernization of public procurement led by the Ministry of Finance through ChileCompra and is the result of joint work with the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Ministry Secretariat General of the Presidency (MinSegPres).

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