Last 22 of May, the trade association Chiletec chose his new directive, which is chaired by our CEO Ubaldo Taladriz.

The trade association, Chiletec renew your policy annually and for this 2019 It will be chaired by Ubaldo Taladriz, founder and CEO of EXE. Already more than 4 years in which actively participated in Chiletec, He started as a partner highlighting its vision of technology as a response to social and economic growth of our country.

“…Our leader presiding Chiletec, It is a reaffirmation of our vision, how to bring market value travez of information technology and how we build a new and better Chilean digital industry…” says Fernando Gelcich, EXE commercial manager.

For this one 2019 I Chiletec policy was composed of directors Francisco Mardones (former president) de Mentor Graphic, Raimundo Page Option, Ignacio saves Magnet, Felipe Mancini treasurer of Asimov, secretario Andres Cargill, Martin Lewit vice president of Nunsum and President Ubaldo Taladriz EXE.

Chiletec, It is a trade association, non profit, which seeks to promote and build a new Chilean technology industry, that has local action and global reach. A date has over 140 Chilean companies, all in the field of technology.



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