EXE - Estrategia

EXE strategy increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization

Directs efforts, and aligned in the same direction

Avoid unnecessary expenses, and enables the indicators

Develop a sustainable competitive advantage over time


EXE Strategy makes a complete strategic planning that develops oriented aims and objectives of an organization addressing. Make a map of route from the current state to a desired state, considering internal and external factors.
For creating a strategy long-term objectives are defined, success indicators are set for each objective, the level of these indicators is regularly monitored, showing performance of people and processes, providing information to act.


  • Development of current analysis of the organization
  • Applicable to any institution
  • Dynamic time
  • Renewable every year, to update targets
  • Belonging to the core of the organization
  • management level for decision making

Plans Sale

professional consulting for EXE ManagementXXX
Current analysis of the organizationxXX
Renewal of the strategic objectivesxxx
Aligning people in the objectivesxxX
depth analysis of the environment and organizationxx
strategic mapxx
Indicators of achievement of objectivesxx
Scorecard / Balance Scorecardx
Support for the operation of Balanced Scorecardx


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