log Management

Exe Management delivers products and services that support the senior management of the company, ensuring alignment and orchestration of the strategic guidelines, processes and IT. Achieving the corporate governance of the Organization.

Management EXE believe in IT as a natural consequence of business needs, rather than as a tool arising from particular requirements.


Allows full visibility of the portfolio of projects of the organization, supporting the decision making process in terms of achieving the objectives.
Decreases the usual extensions of deadlines in project management.
Improves efficiency in project evaluation.
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organizational unit responsible for providing and improving the quality of information required for project management.
Optimizes decision making and mitigates the risks of project implementation.
Improves the profitability of the project.
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Creates a framework that allows organizations to transfer the correct information, either between different institutions or different areas within the same organization, within the existing legal framework.
Ensures the correct transmission and facilitates information. The whole organization at a click.
Simplifies administration of computer systems.
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It is a guiding tool to establish a technological system and a guide for the design of computer solutions and desarrolllo.
Decreases costs in the development of solutions and applications.
It facilitates innovation in the processes of the organization.
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Management system to measure the behavior of providing products and services of an institution. allows monitoring, compare and evaluate the performance, assigning objective indicators for correct decision making.
Increases compliance levels of service objectives.
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Strategic planning develops oriented goals and objectives of an organization addressing. Make a map of route from the current state to a desired state, considering internal and external factors.
Increases efficiency and organizational effectiveness.
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